Penthouse Upgrades

By indulging in a Penthouse Upgrade package, even the most

down-to-earth moggy can be a VIP; all for only $5 per day!

  • Our Penthouse Upgrade suites are up to a whopping 40% larger than our standard suites, and feature runs or lookouts (we like to think of them as private terraces) that will see kitty towering above other guests. Active cats and those who adore climbing will love this!
    Refer to The Cat Motel Gallery for Penthouse Upgrade images.
  • Forget caviar and truffle shavings, when there's a mouth-watering pot of cat grass from Mr Fothergill’s garden on offer - great for nutrition and digestion!
  • Every puss loves to play, so we've included a 'Mischief Pack' (including a ping pong ball and toy), that will keep your cat stimulated for hours.
  • Did someone order room service? This exclusive menu includes Greenies, liver treats, and fresh meat; all without having to lift a paw!
  • Let us play paparazzi, with weekly gossipy email updates and cover-worthy photographs that expose kitty's holiday antics.
  • Your cat deserves to be treated like a queen (or king), so have them lounge like royalty on a plush Persian rug (and no, we don't mean the squishy-faced cat variety).
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